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Attention All COSPlayers! [09 Aug 2007|12:47pm]

[ mood | helping ]

hello! I was unpacking my AFO stuffs when I found this:

My name is Karen, and I go to Academic Magnet High School (#10 in the nation). As a rising senior I have to complete a huge project, a senior theses.  In order to complete this, I need to survey poeple llike you! Please help me finish my thesis! (:

Visit http://www.seniorthesissurvey.com and fill out the short survey there!
Thanks in advance!"

I figured i'd help her out a little more and reach out to the BangZoom community.  So if you have a few minutes, like maybe 5, cause that's all it took me to complete it, go ahead and help out a fellow human :)

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~*20 uploaded...480 to go!*~ [16 Jul 2007|11:23am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey otakus!

Thanks for being patient with me in getting those photos up like I said. I am currently sorting thru the 500+ photos that myself and two other interns took. It's a long process, but they're being uploaded slowly but surely and hopefully I'll be able to get those to you ASAP!

There are a few from AX up on our myspace page though! check 'em out and tell me what you think! I'm also the maintainer of the myspace, so add me over there too!



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~*We Came, We Saw, We Conquered...*~ [09 Jul 2007|09:43am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Whew, AnimeExpo is over for another year...I'm sad to see it go! We had such a good time! Our events were wonderful! AXIdol had a great turnout this year with a lot of very talented people! The judges had a heck of a time choosing the winners, I know I couldn't have done it!

The Adventures in Voice Acting panels were a lot of fun! The celebrity talent gave a lot of great feedback and I think everyone had a good time with it.

AnimeTV Live was hysterical! They had some awesome things to say and even a few surprises! Anything can happen when you're doing a live show!

Pictures will be posted soon for those of you who couldn't be there with us!

Did everyone have a good time this year? Let me know! :)


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~*Cosplayin' Madness!*~ [20 Jun 2007|03:59pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Poll #1006961 Everybody Cosplay!

Have you ever cosplayed before?

No, but I want to
What's cosplay?

How long have you been cosplaying?

This will be my first time
1-2 years
3-5 years
5+ years
What's cosplay?

Favourite part of cosplaying?

Design and Creation
Taking Photos
Shamless Fan-Service (we know who we are!)
Cosplay gatherings

Explain Your Other...

Least Favourite Part of Cosplaying?

Designing and Creating
Wardrobe malfunctions
People asking "Who are you supposed to be?"

Explain please! :)

Favourite cosplay that you've done?

Ultimate dream cosplay you want to do?

Finally, who are you going to be at AX?

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~*Slight Change in the AX Plans!*~ [20 Jun 2007|03:44pm]

Hello all you fanboys and girls!

There has been a change in time for AXIdol.

The doors will now open at 7:30pm and the event begins at 8:30pm.

Update your planners, iCals and PDAs! It's going to be a wild time!


P.S. Any cosplayers? I'm gonna hafta make another poll ;)
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~*Countdown to Con*~ [18 Jun 2007|05:35pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I think I'm just excited as ya'll, I can't wait to go! Look for me near the booth in cosplay!


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~*AnimeTV Ad*~ [13 Jun 2007|03:02pm]

Greetings all!

For those of you not watching YouTube (you know who you are!) and haven't seen the new ad from the ATV Crew talking about the Live Show, here it is especially for you!

C'mon guys, lets make this community come alive! 60 members and no posts? Get crazy, get angry, get something! Just give us some feedback! :)

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~*Just a poll to get the ball rolling!*~ [12 Jun 2007|03:06pm]


What BangZoom Event are you most looking forward to at AX?

AnimeTV Live
Adventures in Voice Acting Workship
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~*Hot Happenings at AnimeExpo 2007!*~ [11 Jun 2007|12:57pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey Fellow Otakus!

Just letting you know that BangZoom is coming to AnimeExpo 2007 in Long Beach, CA!

We have an exciting lineup of activities for your viewing (and participating!) pleasure!

AXIdol hosted by Johnny Yong Bosch!

Anime meets American Idol!

Auditions - Friday, June 29th, Room LP3
*Singing auditions start @ 11am
*Voice Acting auditions start @ 2pm
Pre-Register at AnimeExpo.com!

Main Event - Saturday, June 30th - Main Events Hall!
*Doors open @ 7pm
*Event starts @ 8pm

AnimeTV Live!
Meet the cast of AnimeTV!
You've seen it on the web, now see it LIVE!

Saturday, June 30th from 1pm - 2pm

*Where: At the COMCAST/ANIME SELECTS studio booth on the main floor

Adventures in Voice Acting Workshop!
Try your hand at voice acting and learn what it takes to make it in the biz!
You might even win a free voice acting class with Tony Oliver!

Sunday, July 1st from 9am- 10:30am
*Where: AIVA workshop - Room LP3
Join us for fun and possible win some cool prizes!!!

Adventures in Voice Acting LIVE TAPED WORKSHOP!
Try your hand at voice acting to be taped and broadcast on Comcast's Anime Selects show!

Sunday, July 1st from 12pm - 1:30pm
*Where: At the COMCAST / ANIME SELECTS studio booth on the main floor
Come check us out and you could win some big prizes!!

Hope to see some of you there!!!

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~*New Moddess in Town!*~ [11 Jun 2007|11:49am]

Hey everybody!

I'm LilyCat, the new maintainer and mod for this community. I'm replacing the awesomely talented Kat,
I only hope that I can do well in her stead. :) I'm a newish intern here at BangZoom and I've recently been put in charge of this community, as well as the myspace page.

Anyways, just popping by to say Hello out there and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Have a great day!

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[22 Mar 2007|02:45pm]

Argh.. Life caught up to me again =_=;;

Last week's VA was:
Bob Papenbrook!!

I dunno what it is about that guy's voice that makes me wanna grin like a chesire kitty... =3

Also, 3rd episode of AnimeTV airred last week. Main topic: Naruto.
Bleh.. personally, I shun the series. ((I'd push it to hate, but I get too much flaming and whatnot for it))
Sheesh.. even the trailer they made for the clips of Naruto sucked pretty hard. I was kindda disappointed. Moreso.. Johnny seemed kindda.. off, in the beginning.
Their discussion didn't feel like they really knew what they wanted to actually say. Like.. they didn't want to full out bash what they wanted. Probably due to VIZ... I dunno.
The 2nd Behind the Scenes is out too.
Meh.. they just HAD to put my audition in there huh..? I couldn't even understand half of what I was saying x_X
How'd I ever make it to the final eliminations?!!

Also, there's an interview on Geneon's Talk Radio with BZ's president and assistant producer ((or ninja destroyer =^^=)): Eric P. Sherman and Mami Okada. She sounds so adorible *squee!*

And to end it all... We got two reviews:
Haré+Guu Vol. 6
Haré+Guu Vol. 7
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[09 Mar 2007|03:32pm]

This week's VA is:
Debbie Rabbai!!

How very true.
Acting's acting when you get right down to things, including voice acting! I mean.. even if you're just using your voice, to get into the mood of a certain situation, sometimes you gotta get your body into the groove too, right? Kindda like.. if your character gets punched, maybe the VA'll whack him/herself one. Or maybe they even jog in place in the booth while they record a chase scene...
Must look pretty funny =^^=

Not much to say about the past week.
Just waitin' on the next episode of ATV to air really...

AoD just put up their nominations for the best ADR of February.
I'm all for Fate/Stay Night..! Kate Higgins really slammed the serious role amazingly with Saber. I was pretty skeptical about it since well... The whole Sakura Haruno thing.
ADR Awards of February 2007

Most of everything else are just DVD reviews, enjoy:

Tokko Vol. 1
Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Vol. 5
Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Vol. 6
Eureka Seven Vol. 6
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[02 Mar 2007|02:18pm]

This week's VA is:
Vic Mignogna!!

Vic loves his fans.. so it's no suprise that they love him back. Worship may be a better word... *shutter* Oh the squeals I hear upon the mention of his name sometimes... =@_@=
Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of his voices too, but there's a limit line for me. It's admirtion, not stalker-esque fantasies including marriage and/or rape. x_X
Fan girls... Bleh.

The 2nd episode of Anime TV airred yesterday.
I didn't much like the yahoo video player they used this time. The quality seemed rather out of whack. All.. pixelated and somewhat laggy. Or maybe that's just my own personal comp and crappy internet connection. *shrug*
It was a lot better this time, a lot longer too.
I adored the Samurai Champloo trailer they had! It was really well put together =^^= ((Yay Momo!!!))
Also, the Otaku Otoko segment really tripped me out, in a good way. Heh heh, silly psychotic Japanese men xD
Welcome to the NHK looks like a pretty interesting anime actually, so I might go check it out. ((Haha.. loli seductress...))
Wonder why there was no fanplay segment though? And what did they mean by 'historical anime' in the top 5??
I understood Grave of the Fireflies and Berserk but... FMA and RK? Why??
Unless they meant like.. animes plotted in the past. =@_@=

Anyways.. in other news...
Sounds like Geneon is holding out on us for some reason. They've cancelled the release of Paradise Kiss Vol. 3.
Discussion here
And, that they're gonna release the DVDs of The Melancholys of Haruhi Suzumiya in.. a particular order. They're gonna release the DVDs in chronological order dispite it airring out of order in Japanese, but you can get it out of order too if you buy the special addition.
Details here and here.

Also got the results of some of the catagories from the American Anime Awards.
How the hell did JYB not win best actor in comedy?!! It's an atrocity I say! Let's hope the same sort of disappointment doesn't arise for the rest of the catagories... Which should be posted up by the 23rd.

And! Since it's a new month, it's time to list what BZ! titles to look out for:

March 13
Stellvia Complete Tin Set

March 20
IGPX Season 2 Box Set (Toonami Version)
Scrapped Princess Complete Collection)
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[23 Feb 2007|04:18pm]

This week's VA is:
Julie Maddalena!

Argh.. I can only imagine with my OCD how frustrating and challenging it would be to try to sync with the characters' lip movements. x_X

Anime TV has now got a Behind the Scenes on their site!
Har har, dance Johnny, dance!
It's relatively short, but I'm liking Bailey's attitude. Very.. very "RAWR!" xD
Johnathan's.. really cute too >_>;; *cough* Anyway!!

The American Anime Awards are gonna be broadcasted on IGN, so go ahead and check it out if you wanna see who won what! It's supposed to air tonight.. or is it tomorrow..? =@_@= One or the other, I'm sure. *nervous laugh*
American Anime Award Video

And, last but not least, we've got DVD reviews from AoD:

Tenjho Tenge Vol. 5
Paradise Kiss Vol. 2
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[16 Feb 2007|04:52pm]

This week's VA is:
Steve Blum!!!

Holy freaking crap!!! That was SO friggin' crazy how he did Guilmon's voice! I would've never have guessed that he could get it to a pitch like that! *spazzing out like a rabid fangirl* Aiyeeeeeee!!! =^^=
Steve's such an awesome guy. Loved the random ear that was in the shot for the first couple of seconds too xD

Anime TV finally airred!
What a great anime to start with too, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Got a bit of a sneak preview of its English dub with the show. I personally like it a lot. Not just 'cause Imma BZ! fan, but it really is a pretty good review show. Sounds a lot like the arguements real fans would have amongst themselves on titles they've just watched.

But but.. oh my bloody god..! I detest the sample clip for fanplay! Why'd they have to use ME??!
It's so embarrassing!! And.. so badly editted... Ewwww... That last shot of my cosplay is semi-erotic... x_X ((According to some of my guy friends who've already witnessed that horror show...)) *waaah..!*

Anywho.. no one cares about my emo-moments.
Props to BZ! for a really awesome show! I can't wait 'till the next episode!
Funny how the 3-5 titles for the top five were all Miyazaki films. ((Where was Totoro or Kiki's Delivery Service..?))
Kind of bummed out that a ((IMO)) vastly overrated anime like Bleach got top rank... C'est la vie!

In other news:
Dub Review put up the top 10 dubs of '06, and who would've thought..? Planetes was actually #2!
Top 10 Dubs of 2006

And to end this entry, I leave you all with a review from AoD:
Fate/Stay Night Vol. 2
..Hrmm, I need to go get my hands on this relatively soon. *anticipation*
Go watch Anime TV guys!
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[09 Feb 2007|02:27pm]

This week's VA is:
Laura Bailey!!

Ah, how I adore Lust... She did an awesome job sounding so.. mature? ((If that's the correct term...))
The whole rejection thing reminded me a bit of high school... Y'know.. how you just CAN'T get accepted by anyone until one day... That one loser or jock decides to talk to you... =@_@=
Alright, yeah, bad analogy, but whatever.

Big news!
Turns out BangZoom! got a hold of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!!
I'm so happy! Hopefully with a title as popular as this, it'll put BZ! a little higher up there with the big dogs of dubbing like Funimation and ADV...
The cast is as such thus far:
Haruhi- Wendee Lee ((Gonna guess she's gonna go for a Kaolla Su sort of thing..?))
Mikuru- Stephanie Sheh
Yuki- Michelle Ruff
Kyon- Crispin Freeman
Itsuki- Johnny Yong Bosch
Ryouko- Bridget Hoffman
Tsuruya-san- Kari Wahlgren

Talk about star cast huh..? Least, in my opinion it is... The wrath of JYB surfaces once more! *squee* I can't wait to see how this dub will turn out..! I'd guess it would be really well done since the ASOS Brigade put up those polls for potential voice casts... And we voted... And I think they used our choices..? *unsure*
Haruhi Dub Cast Announcement

The finalists for the American Anime Awards are also now up.
Gotta say.. I'm not exactly the most excited about the results. How did the 4th Inu-Yasha movie and 8th Pokémon movie make it to the finals of 'Best Anime Feature'?!! Such b/s!!!
And how dare they put Rurouni Kenshin below Naruto! *grrr!*
'Grats to near all the VAs in the best actor category. Everyone but Vic is a BZ! VA! =^^=
Finalists List

We also have a review from ANN:
Haré+Guu Vol. 6

And last, but not least... The release dates for this month for BZ! titles.

Feb. 20
Fate/Stay Night Vol. 2
Paradise Kiss Vol. 2
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[02 Feb 2007|08:57pm]

Sorry for not posting last week everyone!
I was at Anime LA. =^^=

From what I managed to find out though, last week's VA was Kate Higgins, and this week it's:
Tony Oliver!

It always give me a sense of confidence and hope knowing that even great VAs like Tony Oliver have little confidence in their abilities in the earlier stages.

Getting onto updates though.
BZ!'s AnimeTV site looks as if it's been updated a bit. They've now got a 3rd commercial for the show.
GO! Anime TV

Geneon's Talk Radio has got our favorite Stephanie Sheh in an interview too. ((She and Patrick Seitz tend to be in a lot of podcast interviews huh..?))
Geneon Talk Radio

AoD has also released its poll for the best DVD release of 2006. Four of the titles are BZ! dubs! Yay! =^^=
Anime on DVD

And, last but not least... We've got a review from ANN.
Fate/Stay Night Vol. 1
I'm personally a huge fan of Fate/Stay. *squee* Saber and Rin need to get into a lot more yuri-action. =>_>= *cough* Yeah. Anyway.
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[19 Jan 2007|08:09pm]

Alrighty then!
This week's VA is:
Johnny Yong Bosch!!

I can never get enough of that guy, honestly. He's just got so much dimension... =^^=

Haré+Guu has just joined the listing of shows on the Funimation channel! It starts airring January 29!
So, for those who were too cheap to purchase the DVDs, but strangely still bought the FC.. now you can enjoy the random fits of hysterical screaming that emit from Haré's lungs. *heart*

Geneon's also got an interview with Patrick Seitz on one of BZ!'s most recent titles: Tales of Phantasia.
Geneon Talk Radio

And while on the topic of Mr. Seitz... ANN also has a review of Paradise Kiss! And a rather good one too. =^^=
Paradise Kiss Vol. 1

That's it folks.
Am I the only one who can't access AnimeonDVD by the way..?
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[12 Jan 2007|03:30pm]

This week's VA is:
Veronica Taylor!!

Strange.. I would've thought they'd use her Ash caption again considering she's talking about how she got that part... Oh well.

Very minimal news. Very.

Geneon has released a new DVD site for Paradise Kiss.
Now it animates. Hurray for pretty, blue roses. =*_*=
PK Official DVD Site

The American Anime Awards has also evidently added two more choices to their manga catagory. Although, that still won't save them for their lack of organization and options.

And, we've got two DVD reviews from AoD:
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 3
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 4
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[05 Jan 2007|04:33pm]

Our first repeat VA!
And it just so happens to be my ever heavily worshipped Yuri Lowenthal!!! *squees like a rabid fangirl*

I don't think a list of his roles is really necessary since, like I just said, he's been on before..! So I guess I'll just take up this space being your stereotypical otaku =^^=
.....Yeah, as if. Even if my fawning is completely out of hand ((only sometimes, I SWEAR!)), I wouldn't go THAT far... Ye all shalt be spared.

Now's the time to vote!
This year is to be the first annual American Anime Awards!
Click the link that says 'Fan voting starts January 1st'
As big of a BZ! supporter as I am.. I found myself in a bit of a bind in choosing certain catagories... But here's what I voted on:

Best VA in given catagories
Richard Hayworth (Rurouni Kenshin)

Best Actress
Kari Wahlgren

Best Actor in a Comedy
Johnny Yong Bosch

Best Actress in a Comedy
Wendee Lee

Best Cast
Ghost in the Shell: SAC

Best DVD Package Design
Hellsing Ultimate

Best Anime Theme Song
Eureka Seven

Best Comedy Anime

Best Anime Feature</u>

Best Short Series
Elfen Lied

Best Long Series
Rurouni Kenshin

Best Manga from given choices
Eureka Seven

And speaking of E7... Here's a review of it!
Eureka Seven Vol. 4

So now I end this with this month's list of BZ! titles to watch out for.

Jan. 9
Grenadier DVD Economy Collection

Jan. 16
Fafner DVD Boxset
Fate/Stay Night Soundtrack
Tales of Phantasia Vol. 1
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